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Waist Shaper Science

The secret to obtaining a seductive hourglass figure is with the use of waist cinchers used to train your waist in what is called Waist Training.  The process of training your waist can be done by the use of a waist cinching garment.

Many celebrities accent their curves with a teeny, tiny waistline and have posted pictures on their social media pages of them training their curves in a shapewear.

The popular waisttrainer or faja as some call it is made from latex and imported from Colombia.  The garments have an inner layer of cotton and lycra and an outer layer of black or nude latex.  There are also sport waisttrainers that have latex in between the cotton and lycra layers and designed to be used specifically while working out.  These garments accelerate trimming of the waist through compression, heat and restriction.  Look at the waisttrainer the same way you look at braces for your teeth.  The process is neither short, nor easy but it does pay off in the long run if you take the process of reshaping your waist seriously.

Using Your WaistTrainer:

  • Work your way up to wearing the cincher 8 hours a day. Starting slowly an hour at a time
  • Try breathing exercises in beginning
  • Drink plenty of water. At least 64 ounces of water. (Minimum)
  • Eat clean
  • Start an exercise regimen.

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It's always important to wear the correct size.  Do NOT go down one or two sizes too small for faster results.  That is an unhealthy and dangerous practice.  Training your waist takes time, discipline, and patience.


What Is Waist Training? - Waist training is a GRADUAL process of waist reduction using a waist cincher or steel boned corset, also known as waist training, this practice came to prominence during Victorian times. Waist training is a tool used to mold or shape the torso in an hourglass like figure. Close fitting of the corset helps reduce the waist and exaggerate the bust and hips, transforming the body into a curvaceous figure
How Do I Know What Size Is Best For Me? - The size chart is listed in the pictures of each item individually. There are two different methods you can choose from when choosing a size. Weight and height is an estimate for which size to go with. To be most accurate it is best to measure your waist as well.
How Do I Know What Size Is Best For Me? - We highly recommend revising your diet into clean eating and regular exercise although it is not required to see some results.  Waist training is not an another way to being healthy but it is a tool to help you contour your body along your journey.  When utilizing the corset it will aid you with portion control as well. (Recommended to wear all corsets minimum of 4 hours a day) Please allow your body rest too!
Is There A Difference Between Latex Waist Shaper and Steel Boned Corset Waist Shaper? - There are a few differences but it all comes down to which one you prefer.  The latex waist shapers are made out of a latex and cotton material that reduces the waist by increasing the sweating process and burning localized fat (can be worn to workout).   It has a double hook eye closure in the front.  While the steel boned corset comes with flexi spiral steel bones for maximum control and contouring.  The steel boned corset has laces/shoe string on the back to adjust the amount of pressure, thus giving you room to get used to waist training (no workout).
Is Latex or Flexi Steel Bone Corset Safe? - Like everything else, waist shapers have their own pros and cons.  Waist shapers are indeed a way to carving out a hourglass and correct posture.  They are a remedial body garment for people with back problem as it helps in straightening your back, correcting your posture and relieving back pains.  Over use or wrong use can lead to serious health issues.  Women, especially, are anatomically designed to allow their internal organs to shift safely.  Women bodies do this naturally when pregnant.  Organs may shift a bit while adjusting to waist training, but this is not harmful. Please listen to your body and do not wear a corset that is causing pain or serious discomfort.  A correct size corset should only cause light discomfort initially until your body adjust to the waist shaper.  A well fitted waist shaper will not cause pain or shortness of breather.  Please listen to your body and we HIGHLY RECOMMEND allowing day breaks between waist training.  You will gradually work your way up to longer periods of time wearing your waist shaper.  To achieve results you only need to wear your waist shaper 4 hours a day (do not wear more than 8 hours daily).