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Sizing Guide

How To Choose The Correct Size

  • Please review size chart in item description.
  • Please Do Not Downsize. If you choose to challenge yourself downsizing, it is not guaranteed that item will fit or fit comfortably.
  • Measure yourself. You know your body. Wearing shapewear is supposed to be sexy and comfortable with some compression. Kind of like wearing your everyday clothes with compression. When choosing your size, please keep in mind your actual clothing size.
  • Please measure yourself for most accurate sizing.
How To Measure
Make sure that the tape is level and not too tight or too loose. Plus, be sure to measure yourself in your undergarments, not over clothes.


We offer customer support via email, phone and chat. Most items have size reference/charts under the description. If you feel as though you are between sizes, please select the higher size.
After Receiving Your Shapewear
  • Beauty is pain. Pain is Beauty. Please Do Not become discouraged if you feel as if your item will not fit.
  • When trying on your shapewear, we like to compare it to putting stockings on. You have to be gentle and have lots of patience.
  • It may take a struggle and some pulling to get your shaper on but don't forget to be gentle and have lots of patience.
  • Give yourself some time. Take a break if you need to. Remember shapewear is compression.
  • Be sure to weigh and measure yourself before beginning to train your figure. This is a key tip to knowing your true results.


We love success stories. Please send us photos of your progress.

-House Of Shapewear