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Swap Refund Policy

Need to swap for another item? This is how!

          Our swap refund policy is the only policy that covers items our customers would like to change for another item. You have 24 hours after your original purchase to request an order swap. If your order has been shipped within those 24 hours the swap policy no longer applies to you, therefore we strongly encourage emailing us as soon as possible. We will gladly make a swap refund on your order. Our system does not allow us to override orders by refund, as there is also a no refund policy post purchase.

           If you have viewed the conditions for this policy and are eligible for a swap then we will need you to advice us of the size and color you are requesting and we will need to submit you an invoice for payment. Once the payment has been made your original purchase amount will be refunded to your card account. If a payment is not submitted within 48 hours of the swap request the original order will be shipped ( WE WILL HONOR AN EXTENSION FOR PAYMENT UPON REQUEST). We do not have the capability to refund orders other than through our swap policy. This policy is only for orders that have not been shipped or delivered to the customer. If you have received your order and would like  to exchange for a different size or color you will fall under our exchange policy.